Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can Plants Be A Significant Stress Reducer In The Work Environment

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If you are looking for ways to reduce your stress level in a work environment, plants just might be the answer you have been searching for. Adding plants to a space is incredibly easy and cost effective, but can reap major rewards. Scientists have proven that plants have a calming effect on individuals, which can be a great solution in an office space. By surrounding the office with plants you make the area pleasing to the eye, increase oxygen levels, and give coworkers a common project to work on together. It is a win-win situation for all those involved in the process.


One of the best aspects of keeping plants around is the positive effect they can have on the environment. Biologically speaking, plants benefit the earth and their surrounding area, meaning you can reap the benefits as well. Plants directly contribute extra oxygen to whatever environment they are in, which has been proven to reduce stress and promote peace and cam in the inner self. In fact, the theory is so popular many people actually line up to attend oxygen bars and receive that extra jolt of oxygen. By keeping extra plants around that office, you get that benefit at a low cost. 

Pleasing to the Eye

Another benefit of plants around the office that should not be ignored is the physical beauty they bring to a space. It is a proven fact that people feel calmer when they are in an environment that is pleasing to the eye, and fresh flowers and house plants bring that in spades. They can instantly brighten up a space and make it an area everyone wants to be in, an incredibly important thing in an office setting. Plus, it will be a nice enough space that clients won't mind spending time there as well.
Team Bonding

Additionally, it’s always beneficial when you can get a team of colleagues working together on a project of shared interest, and caring for office plants is a great way to achieve this. Set up a chart to determine how often the plants will get watered and who will be in charge of each rotation, as well as for pulling weeds and trimming back overgrowth. This will become a bonding exercise as co-workers work together for a mutually beneficial end goal--making the office space more beautiful and enjoyable for all those involved. 
Caring for an Outside Source

Like building up team bonding, caring for plants can also be beneficial in that it encourages us to actively and repeatedly care for something other than ourselves. When there is a living, thriving thing that we can care for and watch grow, we will become more attached to it, which can do wonders for a work environment. We begin to have positive associations with the space, which is great for a spot that is sometimes associated with punching a clock or the daily grind. By caring for office plants, we become emotionally invested in the place. 

Plants have been used for centuries as a way to beautify homes and invite others in, as the lush greenery and blooming flowers just invites you to come in and admire them. These aspects can be used successfully to also reduce stress levels at work, where tempers sometimes flare and we are prone to feel bogged down. Adding a few plants is low cost, as there is greenery to fit all budgets, and can have an immediately positive effect on the work place. Try it out today and see how quickly a few plants can help improve your work environment.

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