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There's a Global Warming Hoax! Don't Worry, Rush Limbaugh Said So!

global warming hoax
On the heels of a United Nations Report that forecasts sea levels to rise 3 feet by 2100 CE, the global warming hoax and climate change denier movement is in full spin mode. It's fairly astonishing, with so much irrefutable scientific data to show that Earth is getting warmer as a result of human activity, that we still have to deal with ridiculous and unfounded arguments like the ones I'm about to review. Before I detail some recent denierism news, it's worth pointing out that, contrary to their arguments, there IS a scientific consensus on climate change. Namely, that it's real and human-caused. Why is this important? Because science thrives on dissent. There is no better way of making a name and a career for yourself in academia then by taking a widely held consensus and proving it irrefutably wrong. If someone were to do this with Climate Change, they'd instantly be tenured by the university of their choosing. That it hasn't happened yet isn't to say that it won't; but, well, it won't.

Mike Huckabee and James Inhofe, Climate Change Deniers

James Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, is one of Congress' most noted climate change skeptics. Recently, he called into former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee's radio show to vent about climate change and perceived conspiracies. Chiefly, he aimed his uninformed ire at Organizing for Action (OFA), the political action committee that promotes President Obama's political agenda. Perhaps he was a little sour at receiving a climate denierism award from the same group earlier in the week, but in any case, Inhofe steered their conversation towards a number of climate change denierism talking points, covered well by the Huffington Post. Among the gems, "We go through these 30-year cycles." Hm.

Environmental Regulator Pushed Out by Coal-Backed Governor

Republican Governor of Ohio John Kasich recently forced George Elmaraghy our of his position at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency as a direct result of his critical stance on the Ohio coal industry. It's disturbing enough that a Governor would compromise the independence of the environmental regulatory agency for any reason, but it's more disturbing that such a move would come as the result of pressure from the coal industry. That's right, the same people who brought you black London, acid rain and the myth of "clean coal" are still fighting regulators to clear their name. Won't work, because their name can't be cleared. Oh well...at least we have the Climate Action Plan!

Rush Limbaugh Argues Christians Can't Believe in Climate Change

I'm breaking an unofficial vow I made years ago not to discuss Rush Limbaugh in public. Why? He's a circus clown, and I've never had a fruitful or constructive political discussion with a circus clown before. But when he hits out at Climate Change using Christianity as a surrogate, I have to respond because both issues are extremely important to me and to so many humans across the world.

Limbaugh recently argued that a belief in climate change (as if it were something metaphysical) and a belief in Christianity are intellectually incompatible. Never mind that he doesn't know what he's talking about, but the statement doesn't pass even the most cursory smell test. "You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something that he can't create." That's the line.

First of all, quite a few of the nation's governing Christian bodies (he U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church) have recognized man-made climate change and the need for human action. Secondly, the belief that man can't destroy is absurd, especially in the context of Genesis when humans were left to be stewards of the earth. It's clear we've fucked up somewhere. There's an old argument out there that climate change deniers are attempting to hasten the biblical apocalypse by pushing us to the brink (one that I don't buy, btw) and the attempt to somehow involve the most cherished beliefs of the majority of Americans in a flimsy argument to denounce man-made climate change is both absurd and shameful. But then again, what do you expect from a circus clown?

Any thoughts? Let me know!

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