Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post: Genuine Ways to Go Green And Natural

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Many of the eco-advice you've read and heard is all good stuff, but you have heard the same thing over and over again. This may leave you feeling as if there is not much else you can do to contribute to the stewardship of Mother Earth. The good news is that there is no limit as to what ordinary people like you and I can do to help save the planet. Here are some not-so-new, yet practical and genuine ways to go green and natural and do your part in helping restore earth's beauty.

Cycle for Life

Bicycles are an ideal way to get from one place to another while saving your health, not to mention your money and Mother Earth. One way you can go green this year is by investing in a cycling gear. For every mile you pedal rather than drive, you are saving the environment from the emission of about 1 pound of pollution, according to studies. No, you won't solve global warming by bike commuting alone, but choosing to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels does make a huge difference.

Forage for Food

Just like cycling, foraging is beneficial not only to your health, but to your money and to the environment as well. You may not have access to the woods, but if you do, foraging is a good way to go green. It requires walking, bending, stretching, and digging, which are all good forms of exercise. It also gives you constant access to fresh, organic, and vitamin- and nutrient-packed foods that cost no money. By choosing to forage your food, you can help your health improve with exercise and better nutrition. You can also improve your finances by getting free food. And finally, you can bond with nature and increase your environmental awareness.

Opt for a Green Burial

I'm not sure if anyone has already told you this, but nowadays, you can actually be green and natural even after you're gone. You can achieve that by opting for an eco-burial, which is available in many states in the US right now. The goal of eco-burial is land preservation, lowering waste emission generated by the use of concrete and steel, as well as reducing the use of toxic chemicals. A typical ceremony involves placing a body that has not been treated with chemicals in a casket made from sustainably sourced material.

Make a Switch

Not too many people realize this, but switching energy suppliers is one of the most practical ways to go green these days. It's also one of the best ways to cut your electricity bill by a significant amount. Today, there are a good number of energy companies that are committed in providing nothing but clean and green gas and electricity. Some of these companies' commitment to renewable energy is so strong that they create their own green power through hydro electric and wind schemes. If you feel you are paying too much for gas and electricity and if you feel this is the right time to opt for green energy for your home, don't hesitate to make the switch.

About the Author: Gene Armstrong is an energy expert based in Australia. He wishes to share his knowledge about switching, energy efficiency, and green energy. He suggests you check this page now to find out more about green energy providers such as Origin Australia, Alinta, and AGL.

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