Friday, May 3, 2013

Green Living Blog Review:

Ever have trouble sorting through the thousands of products that claim to be environmentally friendly? Confused about what the technical jargon, the mess of certifications of millions of different chemicals in-use actually are? Then is the site for you. 

About aims to wade through the morass and sort things out for the eco-conscious consumer.  According to their mission statement: "A valid green product claim is comprised of three basic requirements: a clear provable statement, reproducible scientific evidence confirming the statement, and validation of the claim by a credible party - preferably an independent third party." It goes on to say

Our team has filtered through the ether of technical documentation and green-washed labels to develop a comprehensive collection of sustainable product certifications, validations, declarations, green building programs, and certification bodies. We have also developed a "Green Product Guide" that identifies hundreds of products with green claims that have been validated by at least one of the industry's most reputable certification bodies.
Our goal is to provide clarity and confidence to the green product marketplace so you can be certain that the products you buy (or specify) live up to your sustainability expectations.


The site is easy to navigate. Choose the "Green Products" page to go to a search feature that will point you to the green products you are looking for. The "Certification Center" points you in the direction of certifications and agencies that do the evaluations and explains to you exactly what you need. Not interested in anything specific? Their blog section brings you up-to-date news and notes on their process and on sustainable living in the news. Add to this several pages worth of sustainable living resources and tutorials from their home page, and you have a very useful website aimed primarily at the consumer who needs to make a choice.

Weaknesses is a relatively new website, and is constantly updating its features. At the moment, information is a little is far from a comprehensive guide. We look forward to more in the future.

What I Would Like to See

A more local approach. This would be a monumental undertaking, and unless they are overstaffed at the moment, it's probably not going to happen. But in the future, if green certification organization and green product providers could be sorted geographically, it would be a big help to the local consumer.

Final Grade - A-

A work in progress, but a very, very promising website and blog!

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