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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Best Home Renovations to take Your Home "Green" in 2015

Many homeowners are interested in improving their property from year to year. While some are focused on making their property look more stylish or expanding their existing space for functional purposes, many others are ready to go green with environmentally friendly improvements. If you are planning your home improvement projects for the upcoming year and have a green focus in mind, you may consider some of these thoughtful ideas.

Install Solar Panels
Solar panels have been available for homeowners to install for many years, but more affordable technology coupled with tax incentives and rising utility costs have made solar panels increasingly popular. These panels can be installed on the surface of your roof or other areas of the property that receive significant sunlight exposure each day. Professionals from companies like
AMI Energy / 1800 Solar USA can help you to determine the best placement. These panels can produce some, most or even all of the energy your home needs.

Replace Your Windows
Another smart idea to make your home more environmentally friendly is to replace the windows on your home. Your windows can impact how much heat penetrates through the glass during the warm summer months, and the can also insulate the home during the cooler months of the year to make your HVAC system more efficient. They can also impact how much light enters the space to decrease your lighting costs. Different models have a different energy efficiency rating, so review the options carefully.

Add Sun Lights
You can also install solar lights in various rooms of your home. Many homeowners equate these with energy loss, but the fact is that modern and properly installed sun lights can incorporate natural light into darkened areas and may be well-insulated. Some also have an opening feature that enables you to improve air flow on nice days.

Install New Insulation
You may also consider installing new insulation in the exterior walls of your home as well as in the attic. A significant amount of heat or cooled air can be lost through poor insulation. Some types of insulation, such as fiber insulation, can settle or even be eaten by rodents and pests over time. You can add new fiber insulation, or you can upgrade to foam insulation for better results. This can have a dramatic impact on heating and cooling costs.

Keep in mind that there are excellent tax incentives and rebates available for some of these green ideas for your home. Research the rebates and incentives associated with some of these ideas today, and consider how each of these ideas can be incorporated into your
home improvement plans in the upcoming year. 

Greener Gardening: Six Products You and Your Yard Will Adore

Greener products for your yard will leave it clean and healthy. And your yard will adore the natural elements in the greener products. Most gardening products contain nasty chemicals that pollute the environment. Switching to these greener alternatives will make the world a better place. And you will know that you did your part to make it happen. Consider these six products for a greener yard and garden.

1. Solar Landscape Lights

Hints on Choosing Truly Earth-Friendly Furniture

Choosing recycled and refurbished furniture is a great way to help out in your immediate environment, and it is a good way to help recycling and to make use of old unwanted wood. Not only can you make sustainable furniture, but you can make it really cheaply and all the while making sure that you are protecting Mother Nature. However, remember that certain furniture is better suited for some parts of your home, so you have to make sure that you do not just choose the ones that look only good, but they have to be functional and durable, as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conservation in the Community: Guide to Creating A Local Green Space

Tai chi, bocce ball, perennials, Saturday picnics, a "frolf" course—community green spaces offer no end of recreation and relaxation. Unfortunately, as suburbs spread and strip malls take over, green is becoming an endangered color. The time to establish a communal park, memorial, garden or wildlife area is now.

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