Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Remodeling? Five Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Materials in Your New Home Design

It can be challenging to make renovations to your home while staying true to your commitment to sustainability. While the thought of installing solar panels or a full water reclamation system is nice, remodeling doesn't need to cost you so much. In fact, most sustainable solutions to home improvement are the most cost-effective.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Once you've decided to install that new light fixture, finding energy-efficient ways to light it is a piece of cake! You can use CFLs, which are several times more energy efficient than filament bulbs and will last for several years. With a typical lifetime of several decades and even higher energy efficiency than CFLs, you may want to consider LED bulbs as well. These are more expensive up-front, but the long-run savings and negligible environmental impact are big upsides.

Used Furniture and Appliances

Whether you're willing to settle for mid-range appliances or can only accept the highest quality ones, buying them used is almost always less expensive than buying them new. The same is true for furnishings, and in both cases you will prevent a lot of landfill buildup. When performing kitchen renovations, search your local classified ads for used appliances—it is preferable to buy all appliances from a single seller, as these will usually match and look best in your home.

Grist argues it's time for Obama to stop selling our natural resources to fossil fuel companies

One of the leading voices of the progressive environmental movement, grist.org has come out with a strong statement against the sale of federal land to fossil fuel companies for extraction and profit. Why? I'll let Ben Adler explain:

It's time for Obama to stop selling off our land and water to fossil fuel companies

Ways To Go Green When Cleaning Your Home

The home is where we spend most of our time. It should be a sanctuary, but for many it contains hundreds of chemicals and potential toxins. Going green with your home cleaning is a good way to cut out the chemicals, and improve your quality of life. It doesn't take a lot of effort. You can try out a few new things and see if you like the results.

Use Natural Cleansers

One of the best ways you can go green in the home is by using only natural cleansers. Use organic, all-natural soaps and household cleansers found in the grocery store. Or make your own cleanser with easy to find products. For instance, a bottle of half distilled white vinegar and and half clean water works well for wiping down counters, removing stains, and cleaning the toilet bowl. Those with limited time on their hands may want to look to a cleaning service that also uses natural cleansers, such as the Maid Brigade.

Steam Cleaning is the Solution

Steam cleaning is popular in Europe as an alternative method for cleaning floors, carpets, and counter tops. There are even steam cleaning appliances, similar to vacuums that you can use to clean the floors. Steam has been shown to kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria. It can also help eliminate unwanted odors created by that bacteria.

What's Popular on Dude, Sustainable! in July?

Every once in a while, we like to check the stats to see where our visitorship is going. And, when we get the results, we like to pass them on to you, in case there's something you may have missed! Here are the top articles from this past month!:




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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Climate Change Opinions - Everyone's Got One

Climate Change Opiniongraphic

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Renting a Bounce House for Your Next Party

So here’s the scenario. It’s a warm summer evening, you’ve got the roads to your neighborhood blocked off to traffic for your annual block party. The grown-ups love the cooking, the socializing and the break from the everyday. The big kids love it because they can run amok in a space normally reserved for passing traffic. The smaller ones, they love the bounce house! (but really, doesn’t everyone?) Bounce house rentals are always a hit at events involving children.  However, it is very important to do your homework before renting one. Ignoring things can prove to be costly in the long run.

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