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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Inspire Others To Go Green: Effective Ways You Can Share Your Passion

We have been hearing about the importance of green sources of energy for many years. The terms reduce, reuse and recycle have been burned into our psyche. For this reason, it can be extremely frustrating for an individual who has decided to take their stewardship of the planet seriously see others engage in activities that only seem to damage the planet. The following are six ways that a energy conscious individual can encourage others to go green.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Smog Causes Partial Car Ban in Paris – But is the Diesel Industry to Blame?

There’s a choking, Beijingian smog hanging over Parisian skies.

Warm, still conditions have caused car fumes and chemicals to collect above the city and the Air Quality Index (AQI) has risen to 185 - currently higher than the world’s most polluted cities - including Beijing. To put that figure into perspective, an AQI of 150+ is classified as unhealthy and at its worst, Beijing clocked up an AQI of 500 last year – classified hazardous.

In a bid to combat air pollution, Parisian authorities have produced an interesting solution.

Commuters are only allowed to drive in the city on alternating days - dictated by odd and even number plates. There are exceptions, with the government naturally favoring electric vehicles and hybrids for their clean energy. To encourage car sharing, vehicles with at least three people on board are allowed to drive in the city but all trucks are banned.

Tips for Staying Healthy from the Inside Out

Staying healthy and getting fit does not happen overnight, even when you exercise regularly and on a routine basis. In order to truly give your body the nourishment it craves and needs, understanding a few tips for staying healthy from the inside out starts right from within your own kitchen. Knowing how to implement a proper diet each day is a way for you to get your own body and life on track regardless of your age and current state of health.

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How to Build Your Own Backyard Treehouse that's Safe Enough for Your Kids

If you want to give your kids a fun, safe place to play, explore, escape, and imagine, a treehouse is the perfect place for just that. Building your own treehouse is a very doable project, contrary to popular belief. The best tree houses are the safest tree houses. This means plenty of forethought needs to go into their design and construction. Creating a treehouse for your kids won't just allow them their own space to play, but this will be the place that they create their childhood memories. Read ahead for some tips on creating a safe backyard treehouse. 

Five Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Five Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly Kitchen
More and more people are trying to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle, focusing on sustainability and resource conservation. Besides the positive impacts on the environment, green living can save you a lot of “green” by reducing monthly power and utility bills. Use the tips below to help you get started. Each step is small, but used together these efforts can make a big difference.

The American Tire Recycling Problem

The Problem with Tire Disposal

Because tires are made to be durable, they have become a huge problem when it comes to waste. Approximately 259 million tires are thrown away each year. Tires could actually be recycled into useful items, but currently only small amounts are utilized as filler materials.

When tossed into a landfill, tires take up a 75% void space due to their shape and size. This wastes a lot of room in the landfills. They also trap methane gasses that allow them to rise up to the surface. When they do this, they cause damage to the landfill liners which keep pollutants from escaping into the air and water.